The Traveler vs The Local

It took me a long time to realise there are so many opportunities in the world and what you do with the time you’ve been given can define who you are.

I personally believe the best way to fully experience any city, is to live in that place for an extended time. You can’t judge a place unless you have lived and breathed the lifestyle enough to form an educated opinion.

Your perspective as a traveler will be different to a local, and what better way to discover more about a city than to become a local yourself ~

I gave myself this challenge when I did my first big interstate move to Sydney.

Sydney is a great example of a city with lots to offer. Especially for someone coming from a small hometown compared to Brisbane. Every weekend I made it a mission to do or find something different to explore.  Personally I found my favourite spots were the hidden gems of the city – the places you had to find if you look past the usual tourist spots.

Sydney for me is a tourist city; lots of things to do and very expensive of course. I quickly came to realise why people were the way there were in Sydney.  Very career-focused and fast-paced, mainly to keep up with the expensive lifestyle, and even though they lived in a city that offered so much to do, the people of Sydney just didn’t have the time to enjoy the beautiful city that they lived in.

This is the advantage of being a Traveler.  Visiting a city knowing you only have a limited amount of time motivates you to experience as much as possible within a city.

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