Destination Inspiration

Travel Destinations

~ Take only memories, leave only footprints ~

To travel is to experience as much as the world as possible while you can while you’re there, because you’ll never know when or if you’ll be back again.  It’s an opportunity to find yourself and discover new things. I like to look past the typical touristy things and find unique experiences specific to that country – after all, that’s what travel should be, to explore new experiences! So let’s get travel savvy and explore some cultures!

Lifestyle Inspiration

~ Design your Lifestyle ~

It took me a long time to realise that there are so many opportunities in the world and what you do with the time you’ve been given can define who you are.

I personally believe the best way to fully experience any city, is to live in that place for an extended time. You can’t judge a place unless you have lived and breathed the lifestyle enough to form an educated opinion.

Ubud Rice Fields 2

Lifestyle for Her ~ Lifestyle for Him