Invest in Yourself

What can you achieve when you're given nothing but TIME.

If you don't walk out of this isolation without learning a new skill, then time was never an issue, discipline is key. Isolation as an opportunity for self-development.



Find your Passion

The first step is to find what you are passionate about. This can take some soul-searching, but ultimately when you realise what and where you want to go, your vision will become much more clear and personalised ~


Inspiration for self-development


Indoor Planetarium

Plants are notorious for improving air quality. If you're missing the outdoors why not build a hobby with your own planetarium


Learn a New Skill

Gain some new skills and knowledge through LinkedIn Learning



Learn to Cook

Fun in the kitchen can tackle your boredom and the best part, you get to reward yourself with your own treat.


Mind & Body

Balancing your well-being will be important especially with the restrictions. See these recommended Plants and Herbs:


1. Peace Lily

2. Chinese Lucky Bamboo

3. Aloe

4. Dracaena (red-edged)

5. English Ivy

6. Aloe

7. Oregano

8. Rosemary

9. Sage

10. Olive Leaf

11. Calendula

12. Lady Palm


Movies for Entrepeneurs

If you're going to watch TV, here are some recommended movies for Entrepreneurs:


1. Wall Street

2. Moneyball

3. Catch Me If You Can

4. The Social Network

5. The Founder

6. Office Space


8. Twelve Angry Men

9. Wolf of Wall Street

10. Rogue Trader

11. Lord of War

12. Boiler Room


Recipe Ideas

Always wanted to learn how to make that dish? Learn some new dishes to host your next guests:



1. Coconut Banana Bread

2. Carrot Cake

3. Baked Cheesecake

4. Mango Passionfruit Sago

5. Coconut Jelly

6. Milk Custard Buns

7. Cantonese Shu Mai

8. Har Gow & Dumplings

9. Salt & Pepper Tofu

10. Spring Rolls


Indoor Plants that Purify



Peace lily is one of Australia's most common indoor plants that tolerates dark and dry soil (but not waterlogging), this is also one of the most efficient air cleaners.

Spider plant Its arched, pointed leaves hang gracefully over containers, making it a great hanging plant. It produces long stems bearing little white flowers and plantlets that will eventually grow roots and become new plants. It can last a long time without water and survive in dark conditions or bright sun.

Dracaena has long, thin leaves that can be variegated with red or pale yellow. Another high-performing air filter, and unaffected by most common plant diseases, but liable to root rot if overwatered.

Aloe vera is well known for its cosmetic use, it is a tough, drought-hardy plant that also survives frost and snow. Indoors it like a bright spot and well-drained soil (mixing river sand with potting mix works well), although it can still burn in full sun and needs minimal water over winter.


Morning Habits of High Performers



The Miracle Morning through S.A.V.E.R.S


Silence - tapping into the auro of wisdom. Meditation clears the mind and . Set the mindset for the day, whats on the agenda. Clarity is brought into your day. Use mediation not to remove thought but have a specific result you want to generate internally (internally or emotionally). Gain clarity and gain insights. Set your intention, use mediation and practice silence for greater clarity. Stumble upon new ideas

Find a balance between relaxation and alertness. No stimuli that you're not focused on. Set a timer to remove the distraction of time

Affirmation - is a written statement that directs your focus towards something of value. lying to yourself. Say it until you believe it.

This is a positive affirmation - 'I am a money magnet and money is flowing to me.'

1. Affirm what you are committed to.

2. Why is that deeply meaningful to you.

3. Affirm what specifically you are good at that will ensure you're success. Get specific your activities

4. When specifically are you going to implement your activities. practically and results oriented through the activities

Plan, Measure and Refine

Visualization - performing optimally, achieving goals. Once you get there mentally you. Visualize the activity not just the end result. See yourself doing those activities. Create anticipation in wanting to achieve your goal.

Exercise - Benefits of excising in the morning even for 60 seconds you will be . Stretching and 7 minute workout (60 second jumping jacks will get the blood pumping)

Reading - You are 1 book away from learning everything you need to know to reach your goals.

Scribing - Goal setting, journal ling. App called 5-minute journal with re-prompted statements.

1. Gratitude - 3 things you are grateful for and

2. Goals - 3 things that would make the biggest impact that would move you to your goal

Being busy tricks your brain into thinking you're being productive. Channel that into the lifestyle you want.

All the challenges played a part in where you are going. Be at peace with where you are everyday along that journey while you simultaneously maintain a healthy sense of urgency to achieve your goals. Embrace where you are in the moment.


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