Mind Body Fit: Home Workout

Get into action by kicking your own booty in the convenience, comfort, and privacy of your home.

Stay fit at home during COVID-19 isolation. Get fit during quarantine #Selfcare #StayFit #Workout #Bootyworkout 💪🏽


~ Exercise of the week ~



Exercises for Amazing Abs

Crunches are great, but for a well-rounded workout, you need to target your abs from different angles. This routine will target your entire range of abdominal muscles with a set of exercises designed to help you flatten your stomach or keep that six-pack!


Investing in Yourself

Despite the uncertainties in the world, the best investment you can make is you 🌺 Narrow down your goals and start investing in yourself


Health benefits of Yoga


There are many benefits of practicing yoga:

  1. You'll feel more relaxed and learn to stay relaxed.
  2. Your overall muscle tone improves as well as alignment.
  3. You'll add vitality to your spine, improving all systems of the body, especially the glands and nerves.
  4. Digestion improves; gas and bloating lessens.
  5. Your lungs expand, increasing oxygen intake.
  6. You'll sleep better.
  7. You'll be less tired during the day with higher energy.
  8. Your immune system will strengthen.
  9. You'll learn to set aside time for yourself.
  10. You'll learn to trust yourself more.

Workout Plans


Strength. Size. Athleticism. Mobility.

Earn it all and keep it, with these innovative exercise plan from world-class coach Andy Speer. You'll push heavy iron, get serious pumps, improve your health, and move like an athlete every day—with a body to match! It's perfect for beginners, but also experienced lifters and athletes looking to round out their abilities.

One week can make a big difference. If you start right and keep it going, you can transform completely. This plan addresses the workouts and diet you need to commit to every day of the week to see progress. Add it to any workout program to ensure you'll look as fit as you feel. Commit to sculpting your six-pack one week at a time, then reap the rewards!



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