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~ Take only memories, leave only footprints ~

Travel gives you the opportunity to experience the world and different cultures, challenge yourself, self discover and explore new experiences. So let’s get travel savvy and explore some cultures!




Travel Asia

Bali ~  Singapore  ~ Japan ~  Thailand ~ Vietnam

One of the most seasonal countries to visit is none other than Japan. In particular if you're going to visit during the iconic Cherry Blossom Season then timing is another thing. Lasting only about 2 weeks per year these stunning blossoms have the power to bring people from all around the world to experience this phenomenon.  


Travel America

Hawaii ~ Los Angeles ~ Orlando ~ New York

From the moment you land in LAX Airport I'm sure you can already feel how hectic this city is. The best way I recommend to explore LA is to hire your own car - we went with the cherry red convertible :P we thought it was fitting for LA. Once you navigate your way out of the airport, it's actually a good idea to get the feel for the streets of LA.

If you're wondering where to stay in LA, its a good idea to stay central if you're looking at doing the usual tourist attractions including the Hollywood Walk. We stayed in downtown LA but if you're renting a car essentially you can stay anywhere. Accommodation in America definitely felt like going back in time and I would recommend at least hotels at a 4-star rating.



Travel Canada

Toronto ~ Montreal ~ Quebec