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Explore this south-east Asian country known for its beaches, bays, pagodas lush landscapes and bustling cities. A fun geographic fact of Vietnam is the country is shaped in a long, narrow S-shape that is ideal to travel north to south along the south-eastern edge of the peninsula of Indonicha. A country where you will be immersed by its bustling and traditional cultures.



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~ Hoàn Kiếm Lake ~

Hoàn Kiếm Lake This majestic lake is in the centre of Hanoi city and one of the major scenic hotpots to visit. A great location to visit that is built in the middle of the Hoàn Kiếm Lake is the Ngoc Son Temple (Temple of the Jade Mountain) that gives you a great view of the surrounding lake.  Temples are very popular especially in Asian countries and well worth picking some of the top temples to visit.

Hoan Kiem Lake.PNG

~ Temple of Literature ~
This picturesque temple is a popular attraction for its beautiful architecture building featuring the Temple of Confucius in Hanoi City.  Having studied design, this was one of my favourite temples for traditional Vietnamese architecture appreciation whilst exploring the City Tour.  There are pros and cons to doing tours when you’re travelling but I can say I remember my tour guide as being very entertaining and photo-bombed us in our photos saying we’ll remember the memories – and we did Mr. Son.  Find some great Vietnam Tours.

Temple of Literature.PNG

~ Tran Quoc Pagoda ~
Tran Quoc Pagoda is the oldest Buddhist Temple of Hanoi on a small island surrounded by the largest freshwater lake of Hanoi is West Lake.  Another must-see Temple popular for its cultural symbol of Vietnamese Buddhism that was built intricately and offers a beautiful backdrop especially at sunset where you can see the pagoda in the distance.


~ One Pillar Pagoda ~
The One Pillar Pagoda is a historic Buddhist Temple that can be found alongside the Perfume Temple.  Another temple in Hanoi is The Temple of the Jade Mountain water lake of Hanoi is West Lake.


~ Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum ~
The iconic resting place for the Vietnamese Revolutionary leader of Ho Chi Minh located in Hanoi. Another one of the buildings I wanted to see first hand for its iconic design.




As you travel from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh city in northeast Vietnam, Halong Bay is a must stop for the emerald green waters and towering limestone islands of rainforests. Experience an overnight cruise to wake up in the midst of the Bay for a stunning sunrise. A unique experience to wake up surrounded nature amongst the waters of Halong Bay and the morning sun of the limestone islands. Find some exciting Halong Bay Tours to choose from where you can also meet and socialise with other travellers.

Travelling is also a opportunity to meet new and different people from all over the world.  Curiosity has always been something I like to explore and I always found it fascinating getting to know people, everyone has a story and I personally found it interesting hearing about how others grew up and the experiences they’ve been through.  Every experience is unique and its exciting to hear about other peoples adventures.



In the Lao Cai north-west province of Vietnam is the scenic mountainous landscape of Sapa, a popular trekking destination overlooking the terraced rice fields throughout Muong Hoa Valley and Cat Cat Village.  Although a 6-hour transit, it is well worth the scenic experience! One of the most stunning locations I’ve been lucky to visit as you trek through the rice field mountain along with the Hill tribes.  The tribe I traveled with were all female and considered hiking experts with there knowledge of the paths, they even hiked with sandals! What was admirable about this tribe was how multi-skilled they were as they twined great leafy art pieces as they trekked, one of them even carried a little baby with her, which happens very often as part of their daily activities.  A great insight into the culture here and one of my favourite experiences in Vietnam.  The most amazing destinations are the hardest to get reach, but one of the greatest experiences you’ll find. Definitely worth the experience to Sapa




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